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dr. Grega E. Voglar

Name: dr. Grega E. Voglar
Telephone: 01 200 78 42
Department: Department of Forest Ecology
Job description:


Grega E. Voglar is a research fellow at Slovenian Forestry Institute focused on the forest ecology. In this role he is researching the exciting works focused on soils and stable isotopes in the forest ecosystem. The work requires the writing of technical and scientific content as well as the transfer of knowledge, expert guidance and coordination of staff and public presentations. He also works in laboratory og forest ecology equipped with analytical instruments such as trace gas analyzer - Off-Axis Integrated Cavity Output Spectroscopy for CO2 (δ13C, δ17Ο in δ18Ο, model: CCIA-46-EP, Los Gatos Research Inc.), Atomic Absorption Spectrometer (model: AAS Varian DUO FS / Z 240, Varian Inc.) and Ion Chromatography modular system with an automatic feeder (model: 850 Professional IC, Metrohm AG).


Before joining Slovenian Forestry Institute he had a short spell for a period of three months at sophisticated greenhouse as development technologist in the production of cherry tomatoes on hydroponic systems. The purpose was to gain as much as possible experiences in the private sector to further broaden the opinion about modern agriculture and their impact on human health and sustainable agricultural environment. Quality management of 40 employees in the production required excellent developed social and communication skills as well as experience how to take responsibility and be a convincing leader.


The interests in areas which strive to improve the quality of environment, human and animal life have been always present and are constantly increasing. In 2007 he continued to develop interest in environmental issues by enrolling into the interdisciplinary PhD program of Environmental protection at the UNI-LJ. During PhD study he was employed at the Regional development agency Celje d.o.o. where he focused the research on the optimization of the soil solidification/stabilization remediation method i.e. to solve problems in the area of a former zinc smelter caused by highly contaminated soil with potentially toxic elements. Doctoral thesis entitled "Solidification/Stabilization methods for remediation of contaminated soil" which was successfully defended at the beginning of January 2013. This gave him the expertise on the topic of pollutants and their impact on the environment. Gained practical experience gave him the skills necessary for independent and team work, for the collection, management and control of documentation of compliance analysis, as well as for the implementation of assessments, multidisciplinary cooperation, coordination and experiences in solving complex environmental issues. His curiosity and enthusiasm on environmental issues, as well as broad experiences, ranging from soil chemistry to forest ecology allows him to substantially contribute in finding the right choices for wide range of environmental projects.



  • 2007 – Bachelor of Agricultural Science, University of Ljubljana, Biotechnical faculty, Agronomy Department
  • 2013 – Ph.D. from environmental protection, University of Ljubljana, Biotechnical faculty, Agronomy Department

Academic and scientific research title

  • from October 2015 – Research Fellow at Slovenian Forestry Institute

Work experience

  • 2008 - 2013 – Regional development agency Celje d.o.o
  • 2015 - 2015 – ZARJA Catez d.o.o.
  • from October 2015 – Slovenian Forestry Institute

Delo v strokovnih komisijah doma in v tujini

  • 2008 – official reviewer at Elsevier's SCI journal Waste Management
  • 2014 – official reviewer at Elsevier's SCI journal Journal of Hazardous Materials
  • member of International Conference on the Biogeochemistry of Trace Elements (ISTEB)

Pedagoške izkušnje in mentorstva

2009 – students mentor at their experimental part of the thesis

SICRIS Bibliography

Open Access publications in Repository Sci Vie


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